Important Requirements for Everyone attending MARS launches in 2020 based on Covid-19

In order for MARS to have a flying season, we unfortunately can NOT allow spectators at this time!

There will be limitations on the number of people who may attend ANY outdoor activity! With that, we are asking every member who plans on attending, to please contact Dennis Jurrus via email at, letting him know which day you are going to attend and how many people will be in your party. We are not telling you that you cant bring family but each spectator you bring takes away a slot for another flyer.

Everyone: If you are not feeling well with fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, nausea, etc., anything that feels like a respiratory or gastrointestinal illness, STAY HOME!

Everyone:  We will have a form for you to complete in the event we have to reach you after the launch due to a potential exposure to an individual diagnosed as Covid-19 shortly after the launch weekend. If you are not willing to provide your name, address, and phone number, please don’t come to the launch. This form will be filled out by everyone attending!

Everyone: A 6-foot distance must be maintained between household groups at all times, including while seated, which means EZ Ups will need to be at least 6 feet from each other. All attendees will stay at their prep/camp areas and maintain safe, social distancing.

Everyone: Please be sure to bring hand sanitizer, wipes to use before and after handling the items at the launch site.  Everyone in your party should also have a mask with them at all times. It’s not necessary to wear your mask while under you EZ Up, but you will be required to wear a mask at all times when elsewhere on our site. For those people that are being awesome by helping us set up and tear down the range, make sure that you have a mask, work gloves, and sanitize when you are done.

Everyone: If you use the porta johns, please wipe or spray any contact surfaces.

Safety Check and Range Safety Officer: While in line for safety check each flier will maintain a distance of 6ft between the other fliers waiting. The RSO will direct flyers to the Pad Manager, one at a time, to load rockets.  A parent with a child will be considered one flyer for purpose of setting up and launching low and mid powered rockets.

Pad Manager: The Pad Manager will allow each flyer to load his/her rocket once he/she has lowered the rail. The Pad Manager may assist the flyer in loading a large/heavy rocket. In the case of inadvertent contact, the Pad Manager will use hand sanitizer immediately after loading the rocket. Only the Pad Manager will adjust the pad, set the rail angle, and touch the launch controller to check continuity.

Launch Control Officer: The LCO will have no contact with flyers or rockets. A 6ft minimum distance will be maintained from other fliers. Only the LCO will launch rockets to avoid others from touching the launch console and PA system.

Please understand that we are working under strict guidelines provided to us by New York State. You can expect the launch times and queues to be longer than usual. Please be patient with everyone. Anyone arguing, or not abiding by these requirements will be invited to leave the launch.