Your MARS Board of Trustee’s excited to announce that we will be hosting NSL 2018 May 26th – 28th 2018. We are very excited for this opportunity to bring NSL back to Geneseo. It will be NAR’s 60th anniversary so it’s an honor to host this event! It’s going to take a lot of help from our members and we hope we can count on you to step up to the plate!

We are looking for logo ideas so please put your thinking caps on we would love some ideas!
Elements we should try to add to our logo. (NO need to add all of these)

  • Our location such as NY, or WNY, north east USA or map of Geneseo
  • 2018 will be MARS 25th year in Geneseo
  • 60th anniversary of the NAR
  • 60 years of Estes
  • National Warplane Museum
  • Memphis Bell
  • Wiskey 7 “D” day Veteran!

One person suggested a WWII sign post like the one at the NWP, only instead of places with miles away listed, we list past events and there dates..
If you have any ideas just respond to this email.

We will choose some ideas and have them professionally reworked.

Give us your ideas.

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