The National Warplane Museum’s annual airshow is rapidly approaching, July 14 – 16. The NWP, is once again allowing us to setup a booth right on the Range to display our rockets, and recruit new members! This event is hands down, MARS #1 Recruiting and Outreach event of the year. There are a lot of people at these airshows many of which will be very interested in talking about rockets, we need a few of our members onsite to answer questions, and to Show off OUR Club! The NWP will be giving us a quantity of gate passes for our volunteers, we need a head count of who we can count on, so we can better plan our presence this year, and to get enough passes. It really is fairly simple, MARS sets up our big tent and some tables, you bring some of rockets, hang out under the tent, watch the planes, and talk about our hobby! What a way to spend a day!

Please contact me via email if want to volunteer.

REMEMBER… MARS exists because of events like this!