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MARS has an excellent grass field in Geneseo, New York. We fly high power rockets (HPR) and low power rockets (LPR). Our field has hosted LDRS, the National Sport Launch (NSL), and will host NARAM in 2020. We recognize National Association of Rocketry (NAR), Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) and Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) high power certifications.
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Monroe Astronautical Rocket Society, MARS Club

MARS Rocketry is a family friendly rocketry club that flies at the National Warplane Museum airfield, just minutes from Rochester and only an hour from Buffalo, in Geneseo, NY. Started in 1961 by Rochester area middle school kids after the flight of Alan Shepard in May 1961, MARS became a NAR section later that year at the request of the science teachers. Although sadly, no one knows for sure, MARS is believed to be NAR’s oldest continually active section, and is still the largest rocketry club in New York state.

MARS is National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Section #136 and Tripoli Prefecture #162, all MARS launch activities are governed by the Tripoli Safety Code and are organized using the Tripoli Launch Safety Guidelines, NAR Model Rocket Safety Code and the NAR High Power Safety Code. Our launches host club members and guests flying rockets ranging in size from 1/4″A” powered Estes rockets to “N” powered monsters, to an altitude of 12,000 AGL. If you wish to fly “High Power” with MARS you must be a NAR or Tripoli member, if you wish to fly “Research Motors” you must be an L2 Tripoli member and be prepared to show your membership card with certification level.

Spectators are welcome and there is NO CHARGE for spectators.  The Geneseo field is easy to find and is just a few miles from I-390. Bring the kids and plan to spend at least a few hours. Extreme Rocket Motors and Performance Hobbies will be in attendance at our launches- maybe you can re-kindle a past interest in rocketry!  Buy a kit and come back to fly it at our next launch.


MARS was Proud to host NARAM62* in 2021 and National Sport Launch
Memorial Day weekend 2018



The Rocketry Show Podcast for NSL part one & two

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