NYPOWER fees are changing. We are going to try something new (for us at least) a LOT of new stuff at MARS lately. We are adopting a system where everyone who attends NYPOWER will become a Member of MARS! We don’t charge range fee’s at our monthly launches, and NYPOWER fee’s will only be $15. If you haven’t already created your account do so here.

If you are not already a member you need to pay for membership, an additional adult membership is only $10. Then you can pay NYPOWER range fee’s 1 each. Remember kids 17 and under are FREE even Jr L1’s and Tripoli TMP’s

IF you have already PAID membership Just pay the NYPOWER range fees.

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You dont need a PayPal account (although they do try to make you), once you click on “PAY NOW” button, Just choose pay with Credit or Debit card.

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