MARS Club has a few committee’s to run the club.
These are where you can greatly help not only run the club and direct its future but also to expand our hobby especially with youth outreach in Education.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall have as its duties the promotion of membership in MARS, the procurement of membership applications and other promotional materials, the certification as to class of a potential member, the conduct of the membership campaigns under the direction of the President, and the recommendation to the Board of Trustees of the new membership classes as deemed appropriate and desirable from time to time.

Education Committee: the Education Committee shall have as its duties the planning, programming, implementation, supervision of education programs in which MARS may become involved; and co-operation , and assistance with and to educators in all matters relating to education that will further the aims and purposes of MARS.

NYPOWER Committee: The NYPOWER Committee shall have as its duties the planning and coordination of the annual NYPOWER launch, preserve and build the reputation of NYPOWER as well as a well-respected regional and national launch event, and generate goodwill towards the hobby of sports rocketry through NYPOWER.

Launch Operations Committee: The launch Committee shall have as its duties the planning and organization of the MARS rocket launch activities. It shall establish policies and procedures to insure safe rocket launch range operations at all MARS events in compliance with NAR safety code, Federal Aviation Administration AA rules, and National Fire Protection Association FPA codes. The committee may create policies as necessary for safe range operations as required my(by) specific launch sites or landowner agreements. The Launch Operations Committee is also responsible for proper stewardship of all allocated budgeted funds that the Board of Trustees appropriates to the committee to operate launches the fiscal year.

Equipment and Capital Expense Committee:  The Equipment and Capital Expanse Committee shall have as its duties the maintenance, management and acquisition of equipment and capital assets necessary to accomplish the purpose set out in Article II. The equipment and Capital Expense Committee is responsible for submitting equipment and capital acquisition budget propose for the current and following fiscal year.


To Volunteer for one of the Committees, simply fill out the form below and the current committee chair will contact you back.