MARS Launch Information:

MARS conducts launches almost every month during the summer and early fall at the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, NY.  Please see the schedule in the menu for launch dates.  Members and guests are encouraged to fly with us at these launches.  Please see the Membership/Join MARS menu option for club membership information and registration.
Rocketry activities are only permitted at the airport on the designated launch weekends and then only during designated time windows. MARS uses the land as a guest of the Museum – we do not own the field.

Launch Details:
For those of you who have never flown with a club:  MARS supplies all necessary launch equipment!  You don’t need to bring a launch pad or controller.  Our low power racks can hold up to 15 models ready for flight at once.  They can be flown one at a time, or if their owners wish, flown several at once in an exciting drag race!  For High Power flyers we have 1010 and 1515 rails and rods.  Please see below for requirements on High Power rockets.  With prior arrangement we can support your rocket for L through N motor projects.
MARS has obtained an FAA waiver for High Power flying at the Geneseo field.  The waiver caps maximum altitude at 12,000 feet AGL and the size of the field limits rocket motors to a single M motor. We fly using the National Association of Rocketry safety codes.
If you plan to fly a high power rocket (as defined by the National Association of Rocketry), you MUST show proof of current NAR or TRA insurance.  Additionally you may only fly in your certification level as shown on your membership card, except for a certification flight.
Non MARS members who wish to fly high power as a guest of the club  will be asked to pay a range fee of $10 per day.  If you wish to fly regularly, please join the club!

Local MARS Launch Rules:
Due to the proximity of the Museum and aircraft MARS does not allow High Power clusters or staging.  Clusters and parallel or drop-away staging introduce too many variables in flight.  Black powder motor clusters are allowed, as is black-powder staging in Estes style rockets.

At MARS launches the range safety officer will designate the angle rockets must be launched at depending on the wind speed and direction.  The angles are designed to keep rockets from flying over the flight line and flying towards the Museum buildings.  There may be temporary altitude restrictions if the wind blows towards the museum to prevent recovery drift into buildings/airplanes.

MARS requires all High Power and Mid Power rockets flying on F and G motors to use rail buttons.
Launch rails are superior to round rods in every way and are an integral part of our system to control rocket flights.  Saucers, spools and mono-copters are exempt from the rail button requirement.

Field Use:
Carry in, carry out: Please remove ALL of your garbage at the end of your flying day.
NO SMOKING within 50 feet of rocket preparation areas.  Flammable rocket motors and black powder ejection charges don’t mix with smoking!
Keep driving on the field to a minimum, and on surrounding farms drive ONLY on the farm roads, and ONLY after talking to a MARS officer.  We know the area and the farmers and can both help you find your rocket and keep the farmers happy.
Pay attention!  When the Launch Controller calls “Heads Up!” there’s a rocket overhead!  Pay attention to what’s going on!
When you go to get your rocket: take a phone, take water.  Ask for advice if your rocket is “way out there”.  There are easier and harder ways to get to your rocket.