2018 Launch Schedule

All MARS launches at the National Warplane Museum flying field.  See driving directions in the menu for location information.

Please note:  Our launches start with set-up usually around 9am on Saturday.  Please arrive early to assist whenever possible.  Flying starts by 10am, and runs until 4 or 5pm.  Sunday will end earlier and includes cleanup and repacking the trailer.  Help with pack-up is always appreciated!  We attempt to fly rain or shine, and do not cancel launches.  Use your best judgement with the weather, if it’s pouring rain Sunday afternoon, we might have given up and gone home.
NOTE:  The ONLY times rocket launching at Geneseo is allowed are the following dates.  No other dates are covered by FAA waivers which are required for flying at the Geneseo Airport.

2018 Launch Dates:

New Years Day Scrubbed do to Weather!
April 21st – 22nd BONUS!!
May 26th – 28th the National Sport Launch
June 9th $10th
July 28th & 29th
August 18th & 19th
September 14th & 15th
October 13th & 14th
November TBD