Certification Team

MARS Club has a team of Highly dedicated and Highly Experienced flyers who are always available to assist NAR and Tripoli flyers with Earning High Power certifications, from Level -1 to Level -3 we have you covered. Need hardware for L1 or L2 Certification flight, no problem we have loaner hardware available.

Jim Livingston – L3 TAP Member

Jim has been a TAP Member for 24yrs. He enjoys scratch building rockets and EX motor manufacturing. He has been a mentor for North Carolina State for 10yrs as well as numerous other Universities for the NASA Student Challenge. Jim is also a member of the Tripoli Motor Testing Committee, TMT certifies the commercial motors we all use,  Jim knows a LOT about rocket motors!

Because Jim is a TAP (Tripoli Advisory Panel) Jim can Certify Tripoli members from L1 all the way to Level 3.

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MaryBeth CluneL3
The “Rocket MOM”, MaryBeth is MARS President Emerita, she has long history of running and organizing many HUGE event launches. She has been the Launch Director of NSL-2018, NYPOWER-20, 21, 22, 23 she Co-Directed NARAM-62* with her husband Bill, along with being head of the organizing committee of LDRS-31 and 34, she also assisted MDRA with LDRS36 and was the creator of another regional event here in NY hosted by another club.
Over the last few years she has done most of the L2 testing at every MARS launch.

MaryBeth is a Level -3 flyer who can certify NAR members to Level -2

Bill CluneL3

Bill is also a NAR trained safety officer, which brings a smile to his face and a chuckle every time he says it, as he is Tripoli “Research” flyer at heart, who likes to fly Christmas trees and the occasional construction cone. Bill, along with MaryBeth have a long history in running event launches. Bill is a former Tripoli Prefect and was the Launch Director of LDRS-34 and the first 2 events created by MB at a neighboring club.
Bill is a Level -3 flyer who can certify NAR Flyers to Level -2