MARS Club has a team of Highly dedicated and Highly Experienced flyers who are always available to assist NAR and Tripoli flyers with Earning High Power certifications, from Level -1 to Level -3 we have you covered. Need hardware for L1 or L2 Certification flight, no problem we have loaner hardware available.

Jim Livingston – L3 TAP Member

Jim has been a TAP Member for 24yrs. He enjoys scratch building rockets and EX motor manufacturing. He has been a mentor for North Carolina State for 10yrs as well as numerous other Universities for the NASA Student Challenge. Jim is also a member of the Tripoli Motor Testing Committee, TMT certifies the commercial motors we all use,  Jim knows a LOT about rocket motors!

Because Jim is a TAP (Tripoli Advisory Panel) Jim can Certify Tripoli members from L1 all the way to Level 3.

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