History of NYPOWER and the Legendary Geneseo Field

Unfortunately, not a lot of data has been passed down threw the years but we have found this..
Over the years MARS has been involved in and Hosted many huge, ground breaking events.
3 of the NAR Annual Meet, NARAM 37,43 and 62*
5 of the NAR’s National Sport Launch, (NSL, 97, 00, 03, 12 and 18).

The field has been shared with other clubs as well, The Buffalo Rocket Society was a Tripoli prefecture that hosted many TRA Experimental “EX” launches, even an LDRS, in 2004 BRS hosted LDRS-23.

MARS first launch on the Geneseo Field was June 6/7 of 1992 when MARS hosted what was call “NYSPACE” The First NYPOWER was September 19, 1993, yes just 1 day! MARS leadership at the time had high hopes NYPOWER would be “a long serious of launches for rockets both large and small” Well it seems they got their wish.

1993  NYPOWER-1
1994  NYPOWER-2
1995  NARAM 37 (no NYPOWER this year)
1996  NYPOWER-3
1997  NYPOWER-4 and National Sport Launch
1998  NYPOWER-5
1999  NYPOWER-6
2000  NYPOWER-7 and National Sport Launch
2001  NYPOWER-8 and NARAM 43
2002  NYPOWER-9
2003  NYPOWER-10 and National Sport Launch
2004  LDRS-23 held by the BRS
2005  NYPOWER-11
2006  BRS held what they called “NyHi Power”
2007 NYPOWER-12
2008 NYPOWER-13
2009 NYPOWER-14
2010 NYPOWER-15
2011 NYPOWER-16
2012 National Sport Launch (no NYPOWER this year)
2013 NYPOWER-17
2014 NYPOWER-18
2015 NYPOWER-19
2016 NYPOWER-20
2017 NYPOWER-21
2018 National Sport Launch (no NYPOWER this year)
2019 NYPOWER-22
2020 The year of Covid No big launches anywhere!
2021 NYPOWER-23 and NARAM-62*
2022 NYPOWER-24

We have managed to find some photos of previous years NYPOWER tshirts and Logo’s. If you you have an old NYPOWER shirts please feel free to share it via the Contact form.