• LCO:
    This is the MC of the launch. He/she does all of the announcing, and with the help of he LCO spotter, makes sure the sky and the range are clear of planes and people before ordering the launch of a rocket. He works in conjunction with the RSO to help ensure safety of the range and field at all times.
  • LCO Assistant:
    The assistant organizes, and subsequently stores the flight cards received from the range boss. His/her primary function is operating the launch controllers. This position enables the LCO to keep the launch flowing smoothly.
  • LCO Spotter:
    The spotter is responsible for tracking all flights during descent and notifying the LCO if a rocket is heading into any area that could impact personnel or vehicles, either on the range or behind the flight line.
  • Safety Check:
    This position is responsible for safety checking rockets. He/she evaluates low, mid and high power rockets for the likelihood of a safe and successful flight. The safety checks may be assisted by other fliers, who are not HP certified, to safety check LP rockets.
  • Range Boss:
    The RB assigns each flier who has been through safety check a pad for their rocket prior to entry onto the range. This position is fast paced, one where he/she will get the opportunity to see every rocket that’s flown. The RB will collect the flight cards from the fliers and then present them to the LCO assistant once the pads on that side of the range have been loaded to keep the flow moving smoothly and the range operating efficiently. The RB reports to the RSO.
  • Low Power Pad Managers:
    The LPR pad manager position assists with installation of low power rockets on the pads (many times helping children). He/she helps keep the range clean by making sure used igniters end up in the trash buckets. The LPR pad manager reports to the LCO.
  • High Power Pad Managers:
    The HPR pad manager position assists fliers installing high power rockets on the pads. He/she helps keep the range clean by making sure used igniters end up in the trash buckets.The HPR pad manager (not the flier) is responsible for setting the rail angle of all pads prior to launch. The rail angles will be determined by the RSO based on conditions encountered during the launch. He/she is responsible for operation of the fire extinguisher in the event of a fire, until additional help arrives.The HPR pad manager reports to the LCO.
  • Range Safety Officer:
    The RSO is responsible for ensuring the overall safe operation of the launch event. He/she will determine rail and rod angles to be used during the launch based on prevailing conditions. The RSO will work with the LCO, the RB, and the Safety Checks to assist with any issues needing resolution, respond to any range/field emergencies, and help ensure smooth flow of the launch. He/she is responsible for the launch waiver and as such his/her decision on matters is final. The RSO position has been assigned to senior MARS staff familiar with operations at the Geneseo field.

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